Are we text friends?

Although it’s so very early 2000s of me to say, I sometimes (often) miss the way we used to build and sustain friendships. Before texting and its clever shorthand (read: emoji – they’re cute and fun and I use them too, but are we approaching the point where we’re almost too lazy to form words…?)…

A squish of prevention…

From behind her pink-goggled eyes, the little girl smiled up at me. With a swim float encircling her waist and an Esther Williams era bathing cap adorning her head, she had one message for me: “Do it for those who love you.” As I stood nervously in the x-ray room, that statement gave me a…

Sisterhood of Solidarity

True to our Paleolithic roots, we 21st century ladies are still, at our core, gatherers in every sense of the word.

We take great pride in caring for our nest and those who dwell in it.

But there comes a time when even the most motherly goose, to avoid becoming a total birdbrain, must occasionally fly the coop.

So, resorting to what we know best, we seek out a few like-minded friends, gathering together for a little self-nurturing, and maybe even for a bit of note swapping on whose spouse most deserves the award for “Cro-Magnon of the Week.”

It is in that spirit of therapeutic sisterhood that one long-established, and two not so long-established, casual women’s social groups have developed.

Read on for a bit of inspiration, then gather up your own circle of friends, start a new girls-only tradition, and enjoy what is long overdue—time for you.