Current Projects

Black and white picture of woman in mid-forties looking up and smiling slightly

I’m working on two projects at the moment.

The first is for breast cancer patients, caregivers and survivors.

I’m sharing what I know, and what I continue to learn, following my own diagnosis in 2020 (which, for the record, came out of nowhere and shocked the h-e double hockey sticks out of me). I hope it can be a relatable resource for anyone who wants non-clinical insight into this mess, and how to get through it.

The second is inspired by the first.

While I am now cancer-free, the experience shook me. Much as I hope I’ve got a long and healthy life ahead of me, there are no guarantees. I have so much I want to share with her along the way, as this remarkable child grows into the uniquely wonderful young woman God created her to be. Letters to Eleanor is the growing collection of those heart thoughts.