Breast Cancer

Below you’ll find all the breast cancer posts I’ve written to date, on topics ranging from what to toss in your chemo bag to the more gritty stuff, like when depression creeps in and your usual “you-ness” comes to a screeching halt.

If you know anyone dealing with a new diagnosis, in active treatment, or trying to figure out survivorship – even if you’re a caregiver of someone walking any of these paths – consider me a resource if that would be helpful. We were put on this earth to help one another! 

Before chemo round 1, do these things

I remember how I felt in those last few sleeps before my first chemo appointment.

It’s scary and lonely. You waffle about whether or not it’s even the right decision…

Figuring out post Big C fitness (and asking for help)

Cancer (so far as I know) is squarely in the rearview mirror and I want to get back to feeling toned and trim and to enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that I look as good as I feel. There is a bit of a reckoning that I’m working through though, and I don’t…

How fast will my hair grow back after chemo?

If it helps you benchmark what to expect, understanding that everyone’s cancer is unique, our treatments were likely different, and that individual hair growth varies from person to person, here are pics and timeframes for my own hair regrowth, Year 1.

Essential supplies for your mastectomy

Whether the one facing this body-altering surgery is you, or someone close to you, mastectomies can be a scary and emotional procedure to think about. One way to calm the nerves is to focus on the practical ways you can be prepared for it.

Comfy headbands *do* exist!

Styling chemo hair is a challenge. These headbands make it easy and effortless – as bonus, they are super chic and affordable too!

If depression creeps in

When active treatment ends, things don’t just go back to normal (whatever that word even means).

Channel your inner superhero

Regardless of your cancer type or treatment regimen, it’s all brutal. We can get by with a little help from our (superhero) friends.

The thank you note that’s impossible to write

To the faith leader of our family, who sits me down to read Jesus Calling, to the rad dad who makes an ordinary night super fun, rocking out to cheesy music blaring from the smart speaker…

Love in the waiting

Praying with someone one on one is such an intimate gesture – indeed it’s something I find intimidating to do with others. Yet here is someone who did it for me, and I will carry that with me, paying it forward as I can.