If depression creeps in

When active treatment ends, things don’t just go back to normal (whatever that word even means).

Best anti-nausea tips

Stave off nausea with ginger chew candy, lime-infused lemonade, and comforting Earl Grey tea. And if you have to take Zofran, opt for this version, not that one!

Channel your inner superhero

Regardless of your cancer type or treatment regimen, it’s all brutal. We can get by with a little help from our (superhero) friends.

Owning the hair loss process

This is why I had my head shaved before starting chemo. When you are facing a cancer diagnosis, one of the most upsetting parts of this new reality is brought sharply into focus. Any illusion of control that you thought you had over your life is gone. You are at this weird standstill – an…

Be choosy when choosing your oncologist. Here’s why.

Your medical oncologist will be a critical part of your care team not only during active treatment but also for five to 10 years afterward. In my case, Dr. Ross is the one who bears primary responsibility for managing my treatment plan. He: guides the types and frequency of my exams (in partnership with my…

Tamoxifen thoughts, so far (1 year down, 4 to go)

I dreaded starting this medicine. Article research and chatting with friends didn’t boost my confidence either. Most notably, I had stumbled upon an article about Harry Connick Jr.’s wife and former Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre. The piece noted that she’d finished her five-year Tamoxifen regimen, not without its side effects, most notably weight gain….

Essential supplies for your mastectomy

Whether the one facing this body-altering surgery is you, or someone close to you, mastectomies can be a scary and emotional procedure to think about. One way to calm the nerves is to focus on the practical ways you can be prepared for it.

Comfy headbands *do* exist!

Styling chemo hair is a challenge. These headbands make it easy and effortless – as bonus, they are super chic and affordable too!