Figuring out post Big C fitness (and asking for help)

Cancer (so far as I know) is squarely in the rearview mirror and I want to get back to feeling toned and trim and to enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that I look as good as I feel. There is a bit of a reckoning that I’m working through though, and I don’t quite know what’s real and what’s an excuse.

We’re all a mess (and God is a genius)

Yep, this is a lot heavier spiritually than I normally write, and I’m nervous about it. But it’s on my heart today, so Imma gonna go with it. Hope you enjoy the read.

How fast will my hair grow back after chemo?

If it helps you benchmark what to expect, understanding that everyone’s cancer is unique, our treatments were likely different, and that individual hair growth varies from person to person, here are pics and timeframes for my own hair regrowth, Year 1.