Before chemo round 1, do these things

I remember how I felt in those last few sleeps before my first chemo appointment.

It’s scary and lonely. You waffle about whether or not it’s even the right decision…

Letters to Eleanor: When You Get a Summer Job

Bottom line sister girl, you will have bad days on the job – any job. You will have inconsiderate customers. Sometimes you’ll be the one who comes across as inconsiderate. Do your best (and these things).

Tamoxifen, pain, fear and Jesus

I don’t think it’s wrong to be proactive in trying to minimize the sometimes debilitating pain that comes on suddenly and with a vengeance. Having said that, today’s devotional rightly reminded me that He who is the source of my strength should come first.

Letters to Everett: Habits worth having

I’m talking about the personal choice we all have in the moments after a snafu, misunderstanding, miscommunication, argument, or any downright rotten thing occurs that gets us all “oh no they didn’t!”

Actively dodging rabbit holes

After discovering the news yesterday (I’m late to knowing) that Shannen Doherty (who will forever be Brenda Walsh to me) is now dealing with brain metastasis from her Stage IV breast cancer, I went a huntin’ for allllll the rabbit holes (unhelpfully).