You say it’s your birthday?

On December 22nd – 39 days from today – I’ll celebrate my 39th.

While I can appreciate that not everyone barrels toward another one of their birthdays with enthusiasm, I also know I’m not one of those people.

It’s not because of the attention or the gifts or the cake. It’s because every year, life gets a little bit better. More precisely, my perspective broadens.

It takes the form of life hacks and healthier habits, of reactions to what happens around me and reasons to shake up how I spend my time.

With each birthday, there’s less worry and more chill. Less arrogance and more tolerance. Less “what will they think?” and more “what will He think?”

This shot may be a food stylist’s fail, but when I look at it, I’ll always remember frosting my favorite cake with my favorite seven year old, and how we cracked up before finally blowing out the most stubborn sparkler candles ever sold.

With each birthday (which okay yes, is a little bit about the cake – like a teensy little sliver of the homemade yumminess above), I appreciate that I’ve been given one more year to be a better human.

This year, I sat down early – 39 days early to be exact – and jotted down the specifics of what that looks like for me, limiting myself to three word descriptions.

The result is this series of blog posts – one for each of the 39 days before my 39th.

Happy reading – and birthday reflecting,


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  1. Eleanor says:

    I can not eat the cake but I can celebrate your life! Love the blog “E”.

    1. I love you too, E! Thank you for the kind words. Speaking of birthdays, I’m excited to celebrate your favorite son and my favorite guy in just a couple of days!

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