Thanks for the memories, Vestavia Voice

I’ve always found the phrase, “All good things must come to an end” to be spectacularly inaccurate. It’s so shortsighted. So half glass empty.

To my way of thinking, all good things (morph and change though they may) tend to beget more goodness.

I’m acutely aware of such in young motherhood, but less so when it’s about me. That came into sharp focus last month when my family and I made the decision to relocate to Texas.

We made up our minds following weeks, nay months, of thorough and prayerful consideration. And while we’re buzzy with excitement about this new chapter, that joy is a bittersweet mix. To begin this new adventure, we must leave the familiar.

We’re leaving a cherished neighborhood, a Sunday School class that walks its talk, and the kind of friends who leave a couple of cold beers on your doorstep “just because.” We’re leaving our high school alma mater and the Home of the Rebels (has it really been almost 20 years, Class of 1996?), Rocky Ridge district faves (shout out, Western Warehouse Sale and Café Iz jalapeno pimiento cheese), and of course, the greatest baby sitter, pet sitter and young adult role model around (love you, Katie Kate).

I’m also leaving behind this column, a monthly musing that much to my surprise, seemed to resonate with folks. For those who have taken the time to write me with your thoughts about a particular Editor’s Note, thank you.

I’ve worked on these columns, and the Vestavia Voice overall, for the pure joy of writing. I have also saved every single one of your letters; their thoughtful responses have increased my joy tenfold. They keep me motivated to do what I love the most after my Lord and my family, and that is to write.

While this is my final issue, know that I am leaving you in the capable journalistic hands of Vestavia’s own Katie Turpen and 2015 Samford grad Sydney Cromwell, both award-winning writers in their own regard. As for the paper itself, you can expect more of the good, and the best to get better.

In love and appreciation,




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