Actively dodging rabbit holes

After discovering the news yesterday (I’m late to knowing) that Shannen Doherty (who will forever be Brenda Walsh to me) is now dealing with brain metastasis from her Stage IV breast cancer, I went a huntin’ for allllll the rabbit holes (unhelpfully).

Essential supplies for your mastectomy

Whether the one facing this body-altering surgery is you, or someone close to you, mastectomies can be a scary and emotional procedure to think about. One way to calm the nerves is to focus on the practical ways you can be prepared for it.

Inspiration for “Letters to Eleanor”

A few short days after my second lumpectomy, we were off to Florida for our annual Walden Beach vacay (because my breast surgeon is super cool – also, maybe because I’m very persuasive but actually because I pinky swore not to swim in the ocean).