Owning what I’m not good at – and doing more of what I am!

I want to be the person who sends the cards. Alas, I’m the person who buys the cards, always with someone specific in mind, and then they go in the Pile of Good Intentions on my desk, until I move that stack to another stack (for the sake of organization, obvi and because the occasional feng shui attack is very real).

Badly as I want to, I am not, and prolly never will be, the person who sends the cards. So I need to do these two things instead:

  1. Stop buying them, and
  2. Start doubling down on the things that do come naturally for me.

I may not be dependable enough to send you Hallmark’s most spot-on greetings for whenever a particular life occasion calls for it, but I for darn sure will send you a Door Dash, say a prayer over you, for you, and by your name, text you notes of whatever my heart feels you need most in that moment (sometimes sentimental, sometimes snarky, always with sincere ‘I’m in your corner’ vibes).

If connection is what you crave, to get you to that next job opportunity or find someone who has been in the same trenches as you and can understand what you’re going through without judgment or fix it syndrome, I got you boo.

If I miss your birthday and I probably will because I’m super good at remembering them way after the fact, I’ll treat you to breakfast or drinks and dinner instead. Also, fellowship with you means more to me than an overpriced piece of paper that will make you smile for a moment and then be long forgotten, either relegated to a pile somewhere, or trashed a few days after You Day, when the cards that line the mantel begin to look more like clutter and you just can’t even.

I could send you a card, or I could offer to keep your kiddos (human and doggo kiddos) for the day, the night, the weekend. Whatever would bless you and make your life a smidge less stressful in that particular moment of time.

Every day alive means another day to call BS on the supposed rules we impose on ourselves and what we think we ought to do. On this day, I’m giving myself grace for not being good at – no, being spectacularly bad at – sending cards of all kinds.

I pour out love in so many other ways, and that is not only ok, it’s its own blessing between me and the folks with whom I share these moments.

For the really good card-senders in my life, thank you. Your kindness makes me smile, and the ever so thoughtful words you scribble inside are a treasure to my heart.

Here’s to a beautiful Sunday morning, the promise of a new, hope-filled week, and to sharing love with others in all the different and wonderful ways we can.



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