All about the month of May, just like The Temptations say…

As foretold by The Temptations in 1964, it really is all about the month of May. Now that April has served its pollenated purpose, drenching us along the way with downpours that even the cutest pair of wellies can’t handle, the fourth month of the year can just peace on out of here.

Onto the home stretch of the academic year (hat tip to our teachers here, both for all you’ve done these past eight months and all that you’ll put up with as kids slowly zone out of the school mindset this month!) It’s a little bittersweet for us, inching closer to the completion of Ella’s first year of formal K-12 school (how did that happen?) and the start of Connor’s last in preschool (at what point is it no longer okay to refer to your children as “my babies?” Lucky for me I appear not to have embarrassed them with that term just yet).

Onto lake trips and beach trips and eating every single meal (a grilled meat, always) that we can on the back deck. Onto wading without Puddle Jumper vests and passing big kid swim tests and earning water slide privileges. Onto rehearsals and recitals and feeling misty-eyed in the audience as we watch our tiny dancer take the stage.

In our house, this month will also mark the 12th year we’ve been a family. My sorority sister Merritt used to love teasing me about our newlyweddish outgoing message on the answering machine (yes, I said answering machine. This was 2003, people). Something about us referring to ourselves – then just the two of us – as “the Walden family” left her in stitches.

It never occurred to me that the word “family” had to mean offspring. What I did know was that on May 24, 2003, I had said “I will” and “I do” with the most conviction I’d ever felt about any decision in what was then my entire 25 years.

And 12 years, two houses, two dogs and two kids later, I’m even happier than the girl who stood at the altar of Vestavia Hills United Methodist that day. He was then, just as he is today, the heart of our family.

Rett and me, February 2015.
Rett and me, February 2015.

Although for many mamas and daddies, summer is another season of work, these next 10 weeks or so are indeed an easier time to focus on family. We can’t blame carpool or packing lunches or after school activities – not until August, at least.

For my own little family, it’s our shared goal to bring home some of that anniversary week/family beach trip magic back to Birmingham with us. To remember that we can relish in later bedtimes and quasi-laid back mornings, and to enjoy the very thing that is always in front of us but impossible to appreciate in the hustle of the school year – each other.

May this be your best May yet!




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