Make kindness ordinary.

My 39, Day 13.

Ever pulled up to the Starbucks window only to be told you could put your wallet away, because the car in front of you had already taken care of it?

It’s happened to me, and many others I know, prompting us to post a positive proclamation of this random act of kindness.

Though I don’t think for one minute any of the drivers who initiate such gestures are doing it for social media accolades.

Whatever their motivation, every time it happens to me, I can’t help but think how cool it would be if these unexpected little kindnesses were no longer the exception, but instead, everyday ordinary.

That we were giving more of ourselves and more to each other with such regularity that a pay it forward cup of coffee wasn’t such a big deal.


Such kindnesses needn’t require reaching for one’s wallet, either.

This morning I was unloading my groceries onto the checkout lane belt when I noticed the kind, elderly man in line behind me. Before I could reach for the Capri Sun box at the bottom of the buggy, he’d already lifted it for me, answering my “thank you” with a quiet smile and a wink.

It’s nothing that would ever occur to me to do for someone perfectly capable of doing it themselves, but in that moment, I was just appreciative. What a simple way to spread a bit of cheer between strangers.

Just an ordinary everyday act of kindness.


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