Lift one another up.

In this picture, I felt every emotion except the one I was hugging.

2017 had been one continuous s@$! storm, and my normally sunny disposition had darkened a bit.

By the time we left, I’d near shed tears of joy on Joy herself, as light and lifted spirits reminded me that “this too shall pass”, and indeed it did.

Fast forward to this morning, in the throes of Monday rush hour chaos when a moment blessedly forced me to get over myself.

Halfway through the commute, fueled by an early morning workout and better than usual coffee, it hit me. My work laptop was a good 20 miles in the rear view mirror.

All full of dammits and irritation, I took the first exit and drove straight into one perspective sharpening moment.

While stopped at a red light, I saw him – a gentleman on the side of the road, with little more than a plastic bag of earthly belongings.

I don’t give money for a whole host of reasons, but I immediately glanced at the passenger seat snacks I’d bought to fend off between meals munchies at work, and rolled down the window.

He accepted them graciously, and we parted ways with little more than a “Thank you” and a “God bless.” I could have found a good many reasons not to stop. But I’m glad I did.

Lift one another up, y’all.

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