Laugh at yourself.

My 39, Day 35.

When you’re in a good mood, it comes naturally.

When you’re in a massive hurry multitasking, and you drop your brand new iPhone into a plate of hot cheese grits, not so much.

Or so distracted that you punch it backing out of the garage, forgetting your husband parked in the driveway until the crunch of metal on metal jolts that fact into focus.

This blog project started out as a self assigned task to reflect on how 39 years of living have shaped me.

And learning to laugh at myself, particularly in the least funny moments of life, when I’ve just done something supremely stupid courtesy of my own carelessness, near tops the list.

I’m not super charming after I’ve just done something dumb. I bet you aren’t either.

While I’d be terrified to be in the company of someone freakishly blissed out in crappy circumstances, I’ve also little interest in being around those who insist on seething over solving.

So after hoisting my cheese grit coated phone off the plate, and performing minor surgery on it courtesy of a paring knife and paper towels, I decided it was worth the five minutes to eat my breakfast device free.

As for the car, there was the very opposite of laughter when I called the insurance people. And I was absolutely humorless at the body shop. But by the time I reached the rental desk and had to fess up as to what had sent me there, I found the funny.

And now, I always, always, always park on my side of the garage.

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