Go play outside.

My 39, Day 28.

In the same week we fished out last year’s mittens, scarves, and hats for 30 degree mornings, we just as quickly today peeled off the extra layers and cranked up the A/C. So go the normal trends of North Texas weather.

We also couldn’t get outside fast enough.

Following a morning of Advent celebrations and a lunch I loved because I didn’t have to cook it, we took our full hearts and tummies out to the Dallas Arboretum, stopping first at A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

It was sparkly and beautiful down to the last detail, and the accompanying music (thank all that is holy) was not the 12 Days of Christmas.

Just the way I like it.

While the seemingly never ending song makes me cringe (including here the countless inane remakes it has spawned), I do love it in most any other form.

My Patience Brewster 12 Days collection is eight ornaments shy of being complete, but every year when I unwrap the 12 Lords a Leaping, 10 Pipers Piping, 9 Drummers Drumming, and 6 Geese A Laying, they make me smile.

The stretch of drive that depicts the 12 Days through Callaway Gardens’ Holiday In Lights remains a favorite.

I loved it especially today, walking through the gardens with my people and taking in the larger than life, glass encased gazebos.

From the festive Four Calling Birds to the cheeky Eight Maids a Milking (milk sources noticeably showing off their best sides), the exhibit balanced holiday spirit without taking itself too seriously.

It became the festive backdrop to something that did all four of us a world of good.

An agenda free afternoon, a little fresh air, and the ease of each other’ s company.

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