Find your style.

My 39, Day 20.

In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Cameron Frye’s home is famously described as a place where it’s “very cold, very beautiful and you’re not allowed to touch anything.”

It’s a style I admire just fine in the glossy paged catalogs that fill my mailbox.

Earlier in my homeownership years, it was even a style I aspired to, motivated to assert some personality on a place that actually had my name on the deed.

But after 14 years and easily double that in design mistakes, I finally figured out that fancy isn’t me.

Instead, it’s decidedly laid back around here, owing partly to this season of life (kids that spill, dogs that shed, etc.) but mostly because I love it.

Wooden canvas art made by a self taught painter friend from back home. An upcycled trunk in lieu of a coffee table. And most recently, a weathered hickory chair turned tea towel rack.


Neither shabby chic nor farmhouse, it’s a style I’m sort of making up as I go, with practicality, approachability, and comfort the only attributes that matter.

Incidentally, these are also the greatest compliments I can receive from those who cross our threshold.

Beautifully appointed furnishings mean nothing if guests are too afraid to sit.

To have friends and family come in, and feel welcome enough to put their feet up and visit – over a drink or a meal or a day of Bowl Game watching or whatever – that’s my kind of style.

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