Don’t hold grudges.

My 39, Day 31.

I’ve had as many ups as I’ve had downs this year. Moments when I felt on top of the world and moments when I felt gutted.

On the whole, it’s been a year of blessings and a year of growth.

But that hasn’t come without instances of some going back on their word, others saying unkind things, and times when I felt let down in a way that seemed hard to forgive.

Had I allowed myself to be swayed by these events alone, I’d have had plenty of joyless days, scowling in my own righteous indignation.

And for what?

Grudges are pointless, self-serving suckers of all that is good. And there is plenty of good.

I may not default immediately to the popular platitudes of the day (Choose joy! Be kind! Keep calm and fill in the blank!), but I know well enough that resentment has its place.

And a time limit.

So when it happens, whine – once.

Then, be the adult, have the difficult conversation, glean whatever wisdom you can from the situation, and move the heck on.

It’s gotten a whole lot easier for me to do this year (late thirties wisdom for the win).

And without question, it’s the best gift I could have given myself.

Here’s to lightening the loads we choose to carry.


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