Do down time.


My 39, Day 25.

Tonight I stood at the wrong end of two reindeer, a position I’d hardly noticed until the olfactory senses demanded I pay attention – and relocate.

Suddenly my cup of orange slice and cranberry infused water didn’t seem quite as refreshing.

Between listening out for our number to see Santa and making sure the kids weren’t sneaking yet another pre-dinner cookie from the center table spread, I felt it.

That first twinge of merrymaking exhaustion.

Not anything close to grinchittude mind you, just a little tap on the shoulder telling me some mama down time is in order.

So tonight, with the kids tucked in, the lunches packed, and the elves lazily hidden in plain sight, it felt like the perfect time to pop a top and watch Todd and Margo, unedited.

Just a little sliver of me time, all the better for happening during a season when the quiet moments I tend to crave are in short supply.

And what good a little Clark snark did for my merry soul.

Now, when the “premium” wrapping paper I bought is so premium it won’t keep a fold, and the regular paper I bought ends up ripping at the corners of each package, I won’t lose it.

When the next Amazon box arrives looking like it went through a trash compactor, and I receive notice that the others are “experiencing an unexpected delay”, totally screwing with my own shipping deadline, I’ll take a deep breath.

And if the bottom two rows of tree lights keep going out and the front porch snowman is repeatedly beheaded by unrelenting wind, I will keep my swearing to a minimum.

‘Tis the season to be Mary!


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