Breast Cancer

Hey there! Below you’ll find all the breast cancer posts I’ve written to date, on topics ranging from what to toss in your chemo bag to the more gritty stuff, like when depression creeps in and your usual “you-ness” comes to a screeching halt. I wrote them at various stages throughout active treatment, and in…

Best anti-nausea tips

Stave off nausea with ginger chew candy, lime-infused lemonade, and comforting Earl Grey tea. And if you have to take Zofran, opt for this version, not that one!

Owning the hair loss process

This is why I had my head shaved before starting chemo. When you are facing a cancer diagnosis, one of the most upsetting parts of this new reality is brought sharply into focus. Any illusion of control that you thought you had over your life is gone. You are at this weird standstill – an…

The best skincare products to use during and after chemo

Where skincare and makeup are concerned, I have always been a minimalist. I want to look my best of course, but I’m also not one to waste a lot of time or money. I remember laughing out loud while reading this quote, attributed to Virginia Postrel: “Cosmetics makers have always sold hope in a jar – creams…

What a difference a year makes!

This time last August, I was here in Miramar, six days post-op from the second lumpectomy, and fully expecting to come home to the news that they’d gotten it all. Of course, and as happens so often to us all in this life, what I expected and what actually unfolded were two very different things….