Buy jewelry pliers.

My 39, Day 6.

The handful of nice jewelry I own gets about as much action as the Waterford china and crystal that dominated our wedding registry.

Statement pieces on the other hand? This collection is the workhorse of my wardrobe.

Owing to their frequent use and less than stellar construction, these are also the baubles that break, often inside of a year post purchase.

It’s not that shocking really. I’m as hard on my necklaces as I am my shoes (and handbags for that matter). I’m just not that delicate a person, and can almost bet that for every accessory I buy, a kid will tug on it or in my whirling dervish state, I’ll catch it on something (yes, even the parking brake while I fish for something on the passenger side floorboard on a school day morning).

This, despite laying out clothes and packing school lunches the night before (#reallife).

Still, I’m of the waste not want not mindset, so I never throw away the damaged ones. Meanwhile my jewelry case doubles as a depressing graveyard of once wearables.2016-11-19-21-36-08

Enter the inexpensive and mighty invention of jewelry pliers (giant thanks to the sweet soul at The Pink Tulip who introduced me to them).

Now, the real deal stuff, the insured, maybe I’ll wear them when I set out the good china stuff, can stay tucked in their cozy little velvet bags.

I’ve got a statement to make.

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