Be a friend.

My 39, Day 23.

Even if you keep a running tally of what’s running low (fridge side notepad, anyone?), there are still those times when the recipe goes unmade and the staples get taken for granted.

This is how you end up with like eight cans of cream of whatever soups in your pantry – and not a single stinking coffee filter.

When it happened this morning, my first thought was that scene in Reality Bites, when Winona Ryder resorts to a toilet paper made filter.

I quickly decided I wasn’t that desperate.

With a drive-thru cup saving the morning (and family unscathed from non-caffeinated me), about our respective business we all went.

I didn’t even think about it until I was talking to my friend K later in the day – one of those all over the place catch up chats where it’s entirely possible to talk electrician recommendations, Scripture, and tennis match scheduling, all under six minutes.

“I’m standing in the middle of Target, looking for coffee filters,” she said, wrangling a kiddo in the background.

I’d hardly said more than “me too!” before she told me she’d put an extra one in her cart for me. Half an hour later, she was at my front door, prized package in hand.

A gesture that meant way more to me than the two dollar purchase itself.

I hadn’t asked her to do it, and she certainly had no expectation of me doing anything in return.

It was just a simple way to be a friend – and a reason to savor tomorrow’s cup that much more.

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