Day 395: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. And Imma eat a bit of all that’s on offer from the game day spread on on our host’s table.

Because I’m 395 days into this ongoing experiment:

Enjoying food without going overboard, and exercising to build strength.

It’s a front of mind goal every single day. The ones that run smoothly and the ones that blow up in my face. Holidays, birthdays, vacation days too.

Truth – I haven’t logged every single bite every single stretch of these 395 days. But the very act of recording most of what I consume daily leads to the most important tool for long term success – mindfulness. This I can commit to, without fail.

Those who follow the blog closely likely noted a drop in recipe postings last fall. I’ve a good many to share with you, and in time I will. But at that particular point, to stay on course and not fall into the all too easy trap of turning to food for comfort, I had to pump the brakes on this hobby blog I love so much.

With props to my friend and all around supergirl India Williams, I spent the last part of 2017 prioritizing what she has championed for women everywhere through her platform, Rooted Woman. Self-care.

Wherever the stress triggers are in your life, cling to this notion. I did, and on the days that had more or less chewed me up and spit me out, it kept me from dodging the gym or eating my face off.

For 395 days (and God willing, 395 more), I’ve practiced having a healthy relationship with food – the what, the prep, and the portion size.

It’s first and foremost fuel. It’s also fulfilling to prepare and share. But when all is said and done, food provides no lasting solace.

The boost it gives when paired with arse-kicking exercise, however? In that, I’m a believer.

If you’re anything like me, an endorphin-charged positive outlook for the day makes all the difference in deftly handling other people’s crazy. And having a stronger grip on the pickle jar, without the hubs saying, “Hey, you loosened it!” – that’s no small victory. Here lately? I’m stoked to say I can now run the same distance I once could hardly walk.

Bring on the buffalo chicken dip.

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    Amazing Rebecca! 🙂

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