2015 – The Year of the Daily Do-over

As clichéd as the New Year’s Resolution has become, I still like the tradition.

I like the clean slate, unblemished by the behaviors we’ve earnestly tried to leave in the year we just bid farewell.

Funny thing, though. Darn if it isn’t even February before I’ve managed to mar up that clean slate something awful.

Mercifully, my thirties have taught me to embrace the essence of daily do-overs. Even a badly botched resolution attempt can be made right by another sunrise.

Say, for example, if I let a colorful rant part my lips amidst horrid traffic, even after promising to stick with G-rated angry phrase substitutes like “That jack wagon!”

imageOr if I keep auto-drafting monthly membership fees to Lifetime Fitness, while the accompanying membership card sits untouched, judging my lazy, well-intentioned self with contempt from its sleeve holder in my wallet.

Even on the days when I discover the forgotten, once fresh ingredients in my vegetable crisper, the ones for that wholesome, unprocessed meal I was going to make from the cool recipe I found online? Yeah, even when I find that they’ve long since surpassed their expiration date, and we instead gather around the table for our usual delicious, if not especially lean or original meal, even then, all resolution-related hope is not lost.

The very idea of perpetually improving, the notion of admitting I am a work in progress, and that I always will be, of setting what is hopefully a realistic, attainable goal, and trying my level best to pursue it, that’s what buoys me against the inevitable blows that are also a part of each new year.

For me, 2015 is no different. The window dressing may differ slightly (driving patience, regular workouts and less processed meals are perennial faves), but the end game will remain the same: I want to be better, to feel better, to do better.

Specifically, in 2015 I resolve to:

  • Always replace the toilet paper roll (better wife!)
  • RSVP each time it is requested (better friend!)
  • Wake up when my alarm clock dings the first time (better mom! But seriously y’all, 5:45 a.m.? The struggle is real.)

Add to it no longer printing out coupons I know I’ll never use, and putting the empty Capri Sun boxes in the outdoor recycling bin and not the kitchen trash out of sheer convenience, and 2015 can bring it.

Do-overs, here we go.

Happy New Year!




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